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Gratefulness is an attitude


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Thank You Lord for never giving up on me and for always being there for me when everyone else gave up. We are forgiven because of Your selflessness. We are lifted up because You were peaceful and proved Your love to us, even when You didn't need to. We are blessed because You took the time out of managing creation to participate in our lives. We are not alone. We never were. We are not unimportant, You have made us and because of this, we are each and every one of us, Your treasured possession, we need to stop putting ourselves down!
In a world that has forgotten You. In a world so transfixed on making more, of following power and glory and a world, taking whatever it can without considering its effect on You and Your children. You still continue to give and even if so many of my brothers and sisters have forgotten You Lord, Your Name is fresh on my lips every morning, because I love You and I am grateful, oh so grateful for all that You have given me. I am in awe of how every single day You carry me through each and every circumstance and how every day when all the world sees is darkness; I see Your Might Hand moving over the waters and changing the tides, because no matter how much humanity can destroy, Your hand of love always restores. Thank You God. Thank You Jesus. You looked after my family, my friends and your hand is moving in my country. Your hand is moving in my world as You restore all that is lost. I remember Your sacrifice and with You my soul rises today to serve You, to live for You. I want more of You, ignite the fires of my spirit and let it set this world alight for You in my lifetime. Praise unto the heavens. Blessings and praise to You my God, from this humble heart, from Your imperfect servant, from this heart of simple faith, I stand and I sing Hosanna to You my God as I fall to my knees and surrender my life to you as I remind myself each day that I am Yours!


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  • Thank You God

Gratefulness is an attitude

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Thank You God